Wood Workshop

Wood Workshop is a realistic, fully operational, model-making device. It was developed for the youngest “Do-It_Yourselfers”. This device can do four operations namely; Sawing, Drilling, Sanding and Turning. Due to the child-proof construction of all the machines, there is no danger of injury. This kit contains all the necessary parts for building up four different, real working machines.

Technical specification : 

Cut plywood with a thichness of up to 4mm

Lathe rond wood with a diameter of up to 30mm and Maximum height of 135mm

Adaptor output voltage : 14 volts

Engine speed rate : 19400 R/min (without load)

Kar O Andisheh : Work in the same manner as the bigger machine tools (using a machin bed, sledge, drilling table, etc), so the little carpenters can be trained, in a safe and playful way, in how the big machines really work.

Product Name : Wood Workshop
Product Description : The IPKA carpentry workshop is a 4-piece small woodworking and woodworking machine
Recommended Age : 9+
Contents : All parts requried for sawing, drilling, sanding and turning, adaptor, gloves and safety glasses, plywood and round wood pieces, patterns and instruction booklets, spare parts pack and a DVD

Tail stock Tail stock
Tool bed Tool bed
Saw base Saw base
adaptor adaptor
Jigsaw Blade Jigsaw Blade
Spare parts kit Spare parts kit
Wooden Dowels Wooden Dowels
glasses glasses
Sanding Disk Sanding Disk
Turning knob Turning knob
Spare Drive Belt Spare Drive Belt
Drill Bit Drill Bit
Chisel Chisel
plywood sheets plywood sheets
clamp clamp